VICTORIA "Psych Blues" Exhibition + Product Launch

Hong Kong-based skateboarding imprint VICTORIA presents "Psych Blues," a photography exhibition at J-01 Gallery, Hong Kong. Taking place on March 2, the exhibition will feature works from two of the brand's close friends : San Francisco photographer Dustin Adams and legendary Zoo York skater and L.I.F.E. founder Lui Araki. A juxtaposition of photography styles, Adams' defected film images take viewers to the psychedelic wilderness, while Araki's harsh black and white cityscape shots capture the hectic environment he explores on various skate trips around the world.



The event also celebrates the launch of Lui Araki's guest board for VICTORIA. The deck boasts graphics featuring Araki's own collection of test print strips saved from his dark room sessions. Attendees will also be able to pick upa film camera with a defected roll that's undergone Adams' color blemishing process. “We want everyone who doesn't own a film camera to be able to pick one up, go shoot, and be stoked on how the colors come out. You’ll never know how the colors and lights are going to affect each photo,” said Leung.

Dustin Adams

Despite hailing from tech hub of Cupertino, Los Angeles-based photographer Dustin Adam’s work devoids of any digital intervention, rather, he experiments with the unpredictability of light as a catalyst for interesting results. The photographer looks to the desolate landscapes of Southern California and road trips with friends as subjects, shooting with film before placing the roll in a homemade box that’s lined with holographic paper at the bottom and punctured holes at the top to receive light. Colored light bulbs are then used in the dark room process which helps create a unique blemish when the rays hit the film.The unpredictable result gives each image a tranquil, dream-like filter. As an ode to ongoing environmental issues, his photographs visually glorify the natural terrains around him, documenting them in praise. “Just like film, the future of our landscapes are in danger of being nothing but a memory. Global warming, overpopulation and urban sprawl will all eventually take over a solid chunk of our natural landscapes,” said Adams. The exhibition will showcase work from his vast archive and new photos taken in Hong Kong.

Lui Araki

No new name in the genre, Lui Araki is a pioneer of style both on and off the board, and is the founder of skate and apparel project L.I.F.E. His formative years were spent as a team rider for Zoo York, while in recent years, he’s made impact through various parts with Magenta Skateboards, Strush Wheels and VICTORIA. His deftness on the four-wheeler also exudes into the arts, with the photographer’s 35mm film work garnering a following of its own. Known for his striking black and white documentations of cityscapes, Araki’s carved his own niche that straddles the line between street and candid photography. This is further accentuated by his hands-on post production approach in the dark room. His humble work ethic and effortless swagger has made him one of the most revered skaters in the scene. The Japanese artist will showcase a slew of photos documenting his relationship with urban terrain to which he’s grown accustomed to through years in the game.